5 things to do with Himalayan Salt and 1 thing Not to do

Pink Himalayan Salt is super popular for its gorgeous color and physical health benefits. While you might know it from your favorite recipe or soaking sore muscles, there’s other things you can do with it, too!

All crystals and jewelry orders at Moonlit Wilds come with a little bag of Himalayan Salt. Here are five ideas for using it:

Cleanse the energy of your crystals and jewelry

Cleansing energy is the primary reason we send Himalayan Salt with your order! Salt is very nifty energetically. Unlike most crystals, it is self-cleansing and won’t absorb or be altered by nearby materials.

After a hard day’s work, the crystals you carry with you and the jewelry you wear might pick up unwanted energy. To get rid of it, simply lay some Himalayan Salt out in a bowl or plate, and rest your crystals/jewelry on it for a little while.

Since the salt won’t pick up other energy, you can reuse it over and over again.

There are some crystals that aren’t salt-safe, so be sure to verify your crystals can rest directly in salt! If they can’t, try placing the salt in a plastic bag or glass container, and resting your crystal on top. 

Floor cleansing powder

Floor powder is a great way to clear the energy of your space and fill it with good intentions, especially when herbs or essential oils are added. Our favorite things to add are a couple drops of mint, lavender, and citrus essential oils.

To make, add your Himalayan Salt to ½ cup baking soda (use more if you have a bigger space). Add a sprinkle of herbs of your choice. We like to add a bit of pepper to give it some extra banishing oomf. Add a couple drops of essential oils of your choosing. Cover your container and give it a good shake until all the ingredients are blended well.

For this part, it’s probably best if you remove any pets or small children from the room, both for ease of working and to protect them from the essential oils. Sprinkle the powder over your floor and carpet. At this point, we usually work the Himalayan Salt powder into the carpet with a broom while focusing on the things we want to remove from our lives and space. Let sit for 15-30 minutes. Vacuum or sweep up the powder.

The baking soda cleans the dirt, the Himalayan Salt cleans the energy. Voila!

Cool effects in water-based art

Everyone needs some creative time in their lives! Remy is an avid watercolor painter, and uses Himalayan Salt all the time in their paintings (like in the background of the one above). 

Adding salt creates really unique textures and blooms that look like flowers. The best way to get the effect is to do a wash of paint. You want to leave some visible water on the paper, but not a big pool.

Sprinkle the Himalayan Salt generously on the painting, and watch the magic happen! The salt will absorb some pigment, and push some other pigment away. Be sure to let the painting dry naturally and don’t use a hairdryer or heat gun, or else the texture is harder to see. Remove the salt grains when fully dry.

Use it in spell bottles

Combine Himalayan Salt with some of your favorite herbs, spices, crystals, and more to create a spell bottle. You can set an intention by writing your purpose on a piece of paper and adding it to the bottle. Seal the bottle with a bit of wax from a candle, and you’re good to go!

Himalayan Salt is specifically good for promoting healthy relationships, love, or any time you want to add a gentle, grounding element to your work.

Make a charm

Himalayan Salt not only cleanses energy from things and the environment, it can protect from negative energy as well. Create a charm to wear, place in your car, or carry with you. It can be a mini spell bottle, just carrying salt in a little baggie, or embedded in something.

We sell Himalayan Salt charms in the form of jewelry and phone grips by setting the salt in resin.

Don't Eat it!

Yes, normally you can eat Himalayan Salt. We haven’t added anything to make it inedible, but we did decant it into smaller bags using our beautiful antique spoon. So we don’t recommend adding it to your next meal.

Bonus: Don't Use it on Soil

We also urge you not to cast your salt on the ground for spell or protection magick because it disrupts the balance of the soil and can kill plant life. So, no salting the earth please! 

Need more Himalayan Salt? It’s become widely available! You can purchase it in bulk on Amazon, or in smaller bottles and jars at local grocery stores. We also sell small bottles of it, and many other salts, in our beautiful salt kits.