5 Ways to Use Carved Cabochons


Cabochons are a method of presenting crystals and stones. Instead of faceting a gem, it’s polished smooth. This technique was used before cutting faceted crystals became a thing, and is still popular today. Opaque materials like Jasper and some Feldspar just look better as a cabochon.

#1: Make Some Jewelry!

Cabochons were originally designed for creating jewelry. Their thin nature lets you see a lot of the stone without using a lot of material. Meanwhile their flat back makes them sit well in settings, and rest flush against the body.
But not everyone has access to the tools and techniques to set cabochons in metal! Here are 3 other ways you can still make beautiful jewelry with our carved cabochons:

Drill a Hole

Unlike most pendants, cabochons usually don’t have any holes. That doesn’t mean you can’t drill your own hole! If you have access and experience with a dremel, you can create a hole for a pinch-bail or cord.
If you’re not comfortable drilling a hole, you can visit a local jeweler, lapidary, or rock and mineral club for help.
I’m currently learning lapidary work, and will offer drilling services at Moonlit Wilds soon!


Wire-wrapping is a great way to turn your carved cabochon into a pendant. The best part? No drilling required! The wire cradles the stone and holds it in place so you can thread it onto a chain or cord.
There are tons of tutorials available for simple wire wrapping on YouTube and TikTok. Check out your local library, too.

Glue on a Bail

The easiest way to turn your carved cabochon into jewelry is with a glue-on bail. Make sure you take the time to do it right, or the bail will fall off.
I use this method a lot when making jewelry for Moonlit Wilds. So I’m working on a tutorial to share with you detailing how to glue bails onto stone. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list so you don’t miss it!

#2: Art Projects

We have a few customers who use our carved cabochons in other types of art assemblages! Someone used a Buddha carving on a painted canvas as a focal piece. Another used a carved owl among other quartz points and a slab base to create a one of a kind sculpture for an altar.
I’ve made soft sculptures in the past, and am eyeing one of our Sun & Moon carvings to use as a face!

#3: As a Worry Stone or Fidget

A lot of our carved cabochons have a smooth satin or polished finish. These particular crystals make excellent worry stones!
Worry stones are pieces you hold in your hand to rub with your thumb. They were a fidget toy before other fidgets were made. Traditional worry stones are flat and have a dip in them for your finger to rest.
I’m neurodivergent, and love using these carved cabochons to calm down. Multiple textures are more satisfying to me, and that’s where these cabochons shine! You get one smooth surface on the back, and then one textured surface on the front.

#4: Altar Tiles

A LOT of our customers use carved cabochons as altar tiles. Altar tiles are flat works of art with personal spiritual meaning. They’re usually displayed either laying down or upright in a stand. Altar tiles help create a specific vibe in a space. You can also use them to set an intention for spell casting or deity devotions.
Because of their compact size, they work especially well for people who live in a small space. Take them as part of a small altar while you travel. Or use them as a covert focal point if you’re in the broom closet.
A few of our cabohons can stand on their own. But most will need a small stand to display them upright.

#5: Spiritual Connections

Last but not least, you can use our carved cabochons as a way to connect to your spirituality.
We try to stock a wide variety of cabochons so you can find the right fit for you. This way you can pair a crystal’s healing energy with symbols that have personal meaning.
Here are some of our most popular carvings, and some ideas of what to use them for:


Use animal carvings as a physical tether to communicate with your spirit guides and companions. Or, use them as a stand-in for a beloved pet when you have to be away from them. You can also use them to represent your pet during magickal workings.
We usually have wolves, owls, tigers, snakes, eagles, and lions available.

Suns, Snowflakes, Clouds

Use suns, snowflakes, and clouds to keep in touch with the rhythm of the seasons! Just display these carvings on an altar. You can also use them as talismans for weather spells.


Moons are perfect for connecting to Lunar energies. You can also switch them out on an altar or magickal work space based on the phases of the moon. Charge one during a particular phase to keep that energy in your space.

Zodiac Signs

Display your sign(s) in your personal space! Also great for working with astrology in general. Keep or wear signs during retrogrades as reminders of the space weather.

Archetypal & Mythological

These designs are perfect for connecting to archetypal energies and spirit guides. You can also use them in protection workings. I like to use them as a physical tether while doing journey work or astral projection.
We usually have the Buddha, angels, faeries, dragons, unicorns, and mermaids in stock.

Whatever you choose to do with your carved cabochon, we’d love to see it! Tag us on social media as @moonlitwilds (except for Instagram, which is @moonlit_wilds). You can also contact us through this site. If you give us permission, we may even share your work on our social media.

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