Welcome, Wildling

Moonlit Wilds is a witchy crystal boutique dedicated to enchanting your world with unique products.

We specialize in healing crystals sourced from around the globe; handmade jewelry; and spiritual home decor. We are:

☆ A small business
☆ Black & Indigenous owned
☆ LGBTQIA+ friendly
☆ Women & Non-Binary owned
☆ Texas-based

Moonlit Wilds: An Origin Story

2020 was a hard year for everyone. 

Moonlit Wilds was born from the struggle to cope with a world on fire. As the negative news kept raining down like a monsoon, we had to find a positive anchor to hold onto. One that could both hopefully fill our desire to help others, and get us out of what was an abusive living situation. 

We got our start making masks available in a global pandemic when there were none in stores. We brought bright colors and soft textures that gave comfort to people, and took the proceeds to start a new business: selling crystals. 

It made beautiful sense. Remy has been collecting rocks for their entire life. They have an academic background in world religions and psychology, and studied basic geology as a hobby. Their dream was always to own a metaphysical shop where they could help other spiritual seekers, and incorporate their art in a meaningful way. 

Kristen quickly adopted this dream, and began contributing her photography skills, impressive background of occult and metaphysical knowledge, and techie capabilities. 

We got out and away from our toxic environment. We found family, and community. And we’ve been able to help so many people find beautiful crystals to help enrich their own lives.

Thank you for everyone who believes in us, we are so grateful for you, and can’t wait to help you find more crystal babies that resonate with your soul. 

Who are we?

Kristen & Remy

Moonlit Wilds is owned and run by the two of us: Kristen & Remy. We met over a decade ago through our dreams, and found each other on a pagan chatroom online. We’ve been inseparable ever since! Partners both in business, and in life. 


Quite possibly the only person on the planet more stubborn than Remy, Kristen does a lot of the behind-the-scenes techy work for Moonlit Wilds. She’s Black and Puerto Rican and has called NYC, Florida, and Boston her home. She has also recently been adopted by a one-eyed cat named Odin.

☆ Sun Sign: Taurus
☆ Moon Sign: Aquarius
☆ Rising Sign: Scorpio

Likes: COFFEE, tea, oil painting, gothic everything, reading, the horror genre, occult witchy things, true crime, Stardew Valley, and ATEEZ. 

Dislikes: talking on the phone, adulting, willful ignorance, and marshmallows


Remy is an extremely animated, fat, chronically ill multi-dimensional being that is obsessed with pastel rainbows. They do most of the social media and customer service for Moonlit Wilds (and are writing this right now). They’re also a proud tribal member of the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma.  

☆ Sun Sign: Taurus
☆ Moon Sign: Cancer
☆ Rising Sign: Virgo

Likes: matcha, watercolor, marine life, horror movies, Pokemon, plaid, stuffed animals, cottagecore, Florence + the Machine, and sweets.

Dislikes: hot weather, mean people, eating mushrooms, and loud noises.