How We Package Your Orders

Here at Moonlit Wilds, we take great care to ensure that your crystals arrive in excellent shape and that unboxing your latest crystal companions is a pleasant and fun experience. We broke down what is included in every package and how every item contributes to getting your crystals safely home.

Bubble Wrap

We use bubble wrap to cushion and protect your crystal from scratches and chips that may occur from them rubbing against the box or each other during the shipping process. Our bubble wrap is recycled from our supplier. We cut down each piece to fit your individual crystal, roll it up gently and secure it with...


We use stickers to secure our bubble wrap so it doesn’t shift while shipping and also to secure the lids of our boxes to make sure everything stays in place. We find it much more convenient than tape and a lot cuter. Our stickers often change with the seasons!

Cloth Pouches

We use pouches in several sizes to bundle small items together, including the gifts we include in your order. We do this to make it easier to find the small items when they’re in a box and to prevent them from sliding all over and potentially damaging one another when they’re shipped in an envelope.

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

Because sometimes when you make a purchase, the energy can be a little flat, right? We include a small packet of sea salt to protect your crystals’ energies while shipping and so you can cleanse them quickly when they arrive at your home.

Clear Quartz

To give a little boost when charging your new crystal with your intentions, even if that intention is “this is going to look amazing on my bookshelf!”

Other Gifts

Sometimes, if you’re a repeat customer and we notice that you tend to order a lot of a particular thing or you place a large order, we may swap out the quartz point for another small gift.

Tissue Paper

If we ship your items in a box, then your items will arrive cushioned in tissue paper as an extra precaution against them shifting during their travels.

A Small Envelope

This envelope includes a handwritten thank you note, information about how to care for your new crystals and some basic information about our shop like where to find us on the internet and how to join our mailing list for an exclusive discount.

Bubble Mailer or Box

This is one more layer to protect your items during shipping. (Can you tell that we’re obsessed with making sure your crystals get to you in perfect condition?)

Shipping Label

Obvious, maybe, but a shipping label is super important for getting your crystals home. Our labels are printed on a thermal printer that is practically vintage. His name is Hermes and we love him very much.

There you have it!