Holiday Crystal Set

Usher in the season with this festive set of crystals! We’ve combined green, red, and white natural pieces with cute jingle bells and decorative case to create the perfect gift – either to give or keep for yourself!

Continue reading below to find out more about the crystals included:


A Chalcedony stone featuring beautiful patterns of red, brown, yellow, and gray. Many traditions believe that Carnelian is good for:

☆ Boosting energy
☆ Transmuting anger into action
☆ Learning to trust in yourself and your instincts
☆ Being courageous


This crystal comes in a rainbow of colors, ranging from transparent to opaque. Many traditions believe Fluorite to be good for:

☆ Improving memory recall 
☆ Sharpening focus and concentration
☆ Finding meaning and purpose
☆ Improving confidence and self-love

Green Aventurine

This microcrystalline form of Quartz has inclusions of Fuchsite, giving it a green color that sometimes sparkles from Mica content. Many traditions believe Green Aventurine to be good for:

☆ Inspires optimism and hope
☆ Attracting wealth and good luck
☆ Finding happiness in daily life
☆ Taking action and making decisions

Guava Quartz

This variety of Quartz has a beautiful color that ranges from pink to red. Many traditions believe that Clear Quartz is good for:

☆ Unconditional Love
☆ Connecting to your higher self
☆ Gratitude practices
☆ Having a generous spirit


This crystal is naturally colorless and ranges from very clear, to an opaque white. Many traditions believe that Clear Quartz is good for:

☆ All types of healing
☆ Cleansing and purifying 
☆ Amplifying energy of other crystals and materials
☆ Balancing the Chakras

Red Jasper

A deep red, opaque crystal that may contain orange, white, and cream. Many traditions believe that Red Jasper is good for:

☆ Ignites passion of all varieties
☆ Feeling empowered and recognizing your strength
☆ Recovering zest for life
☆ Increasing energy