Top 5 Black Crystals for Protection

Top 5 Black Crystals for Protection


Have you ever felt like you needed a little extra shielding in your life? Whether it's stress from work, uncertainty about the future, or unwanted negative energies, we can all use some protection now and then. That's where crystals come in. Many people believe these beautiful rocks from the earth can be powerful allies for boosting your aura and keeping harmful vibes at bay.

Today we're focusing on Black Crystals specifically. In addition to their innate energies, there's powerful color psychology we can tap into for an added boost. If you want to get straight to our crystal recommendations, scroll to the bottom of this article!


Why Choose Black Crystals for Protection?

The color black has long been symbolic of protection and guarding against harm. Scientifically, objects appear black when they absorb all the other colorful rays of light. There's a sense that maybe black crystals can work in a similar way - absorbing negative energy around them, preventing it from infiltrating or passing through to you.



On a basic, practical level, black is a color that helps you go unseen in the dark of night. If you want to blend into the shadows, black is your best bet.

In many Western cultures, black has come to represent mystery, death, and the unknown. It symbolizes not only the endless darkness of the night sky, but also potential powerful forces that lurk beyond the light of day. While this lends a sense of danger, it also points to something more powerful than us that can potentially ward off negative energy and influences. 

In many spiritual traditions as well, black came to symbolize the protective, generative void or womb from which all life springs. This primordial representation of black as the source of existence lent its immense guarding power over life and well-being.

Psychologically, the hue black appears solid and impenetrable. Unlike lighter, more open colors, black presents as a dense, blocked-off surface. This psychological association makes black feel defiant, strong, and fortifying.

The color black has developed strong protective associations that have persevered for millennia in the human psyche. Its ability to shield and guard remains a core aspect of black's symbolic meaning.


Top 5 Black Crystal Recommendations for Protection

Black Tourmaline 

Black Tourmaline is our go-to crystal for Protection. In addition to its jet black color to help absorb negative energy, it has two really cool scientific tricks up its sleeve - it is both pyroelectric and piezoelectric

This means that when a piece of Black Tourmaline is heated, rubbed, or put under physical stress, it actually generates electricity and magnetism. And while this DOES NOT mean it's scientifically proven to provide protection, it's a great thing for sympathetic magic and energy work. 

This ability for Black Tourmaline to physically transmute energy is possibly why this crystal is believed to convert and cleanse negative energy in our environment, into positive energy. In any case, it's a beautiful and very affordable crystal choice for Protection.



If you're more concerned with the energy your electronic devices put off, Shungite is your best bet. It has a very high percentage of fullerenes - a specific molecular structure of carbon. Carbon is scientifically used to help physically shield from electromagnetic radiation.

While Shungite has been shown in some scientific studies to have antioxidant and antibacterial properties, the jury is still out on its effects on EMF. Much like Black Tourmaline, crystal healing uses Shungite from the perspective of energy work and sympathetic magic. Here's how it works:

1) Carbon physically shields against interference caused by EMFs on electronic devices

2) Shungite is mostly made of Carbon

3) This creates a connection (correspondence) between Shungite and protection from EMFs

4) Shungite can protect from EMFs

This connection and working isn't scientific, but psychological and magical. Shungite is also physically lightweight, which is a nice contrast to the other crystals on this list, which tend to be heavy. In our experience, its energy is also more neutral and gentle.

Just be aware that Shungite is MESSY! We definitely recommend you buy polished pieces, or ones encased in resin such as orgonite. Raw chunks tend to leave black dust in their wake.


Smoky Quartz

Another top choice for protection is Smoky Quartz. Unlike Black Tourmaline and Shungite, Smoky Quartz focuses less on absorbing negative energy into itself, and more on dissipating it. It acts as a shield to shelter your aura from outside disturbances, and doesn't need as much tending to or energetic cleansing. 

Smoky Quartz also contains the properties of Clear Quartz, which means it's an amplifier of other crystals around it. This makes it a great choice to use alongside other protection crystals, to give them a boost and help keep them functioning well energetically. 

This is solely personal choice, but we prefer natural Smoky Quartz to the blacker, irradiated varieties. Their energy feels brighter to us and more stable. But definitely go with your intuition when picking your protection crystals!



Obsidian is unique on this list because it's not technically a crystal - it's a naturally occurring volcanic glass. When lava from inside the Earth hits air or water, it is cooled so fast it doesn't have time to form a crystalline structure. 

Because of this, it has a very smooth, reflective surface that makes it ideal for bouncing negative energies away from it. This shiny surface is also what makes it ideal for scrying - a type of divination from gazing into a reflective surface such as a mirror, plate, or crystal ball. 

Maybe it's the more chaotic molecular structure, but we love Obsidian for its adaptability, flexibility, and great capacity to pivot. If you need protection that's highly responsive and quick on its feet, you can't go wrong with Obsidian.

Its energy also comes across as more youthful and decisive than the others on our list. Obsidian is our go-to for cutting ties, burning bridges, and escaping toxic and stuck situations. 



Hematite was the first crystal we ever used for protection. Its heavy weight is very grounding, and its reflective surface is beautifully alluring. 

It wasn't until later we learned Hematite in its raw form is very visceral looking, with metallic luster prone to shots of red rust. Its very name comes from the Greek word for "blood", and the red color is due to its very high iron content

If you're specifically looking for protection dealing with supernatural energies, go with Hematite. Iron is used across cultures to keep negative entities at bay such as ghosts, demons, and the Fae. 



While crystals can serve as powerful allies for protection, it's important to remember that your inherent strength, wisdom and spirituality are not defined by any external object.

Crystals are tools to help foster inner awareness and resilience. Listen within to understand which crystal calls to you and how it may support your ongoing personal growth. Trust your intuition - certain stones may call to you for protection purposes over others. Experiment and see how different crystals make you feel. As always, we wish you the best on your spiritual journey and would love to hear from you about your experiences. 

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