Live Sales

Find your Live Sale basket here, and learn how our live sales work

How to shop our live sales

Step One

Follow Us

To catch us when we go live, make sure to follow us on social media. We don't currently have a set schedule, but will post it here when we do! Our social media links can be found at the bottom of this page

Step Two

Join in

When you see us go live, join in! There's absolutely no pressure or obligation to purchase anything. We love it when y'all just come to hang out with us and chat. Lurking is also welcome

Step 3

Make a Claim

See something you want? Let us know and we'll add it to a basket for you! Just say something like "mine" or "claim" along with the item number shown on the screen.

Step 4

Pay a Deposit

You may be asked to pay a small deposit before we'll hold an item for you. This helps prevent non-payers and ensures you get premium access to the best products we have

Step Five

Check Out

After the live show has ended, we'll get your basket listed on our website within 24 hours. Feel free to add more to your cart to save on shipping and have it all sent together

Step 6


That's it! We'll get your basket shipped out to you ASAP. Keep reading below to learn more details about live sales

Live Sales

Additional Information

Cancellation Policy

Every customer is allowed to put ONE item back after a live sale. We allow an additional item to be put back for every 5 more claimed.

Here are some acceptable examples:

If you claim 1-5 items, you can put ONE back (even if it effectively cancels your order)

If you claim 6 - 10 items, you can put TWO back

If you claim 11 - 16 items, you can put THREE back

...and so on

Fully cancelling an order of more than ONE item will put you on the non-payment list.

Please note that non-refundable deposits will not be returned on cancelled or ghosted orders.

Non-Payment / Ghosting Policy

People who ghost us or refuse to pay for their live sale claims will be banned from all future upcoming live sales. Their orders via our other platforms will also be cancelled, and their name will be added to a blacklist shared amongst other crystal shop owners.

We understand life happens and unexpected things come up. We urge you to reach out to us so we can work out a solution beneficial to both parties.

Platform Information

We currently host our live sales on TikTok and Whatnot. Both platforms require you to have an account to use.

If you need help establishing these accounts, or would like to request a live sale on another platform, please contact us

Payment Timeframe

You have three days, or 72 hours, to purchase your live sale basket. If you need more time, please reach out to us to discuss a payment plan

Basket Reminders

If you don't purchase your basket within three days, we may reach out to you with a gentle reminder

Open Baskets

We're happy to keep a running open basket for you for up to three weeks.

Baskets are pay-as-you go, meaning you must pay for your live sale claims after the show, like normal.

This allows you to build a parcel large enough to qualify for free shipping

Additional Deposit Information

We may ask you to pay a non-refundable $15 deposit to make a claim on our live sales. There is a deposit listing here you can purchase. This $15 is deducted from your basket total.

Why do we require a deposit?

We had a rash of people not paying for the items they claimed. This not only wastes massive amounts of our time and labor, but hurts our paying customers. By claiming an item and not paying for it, it becomes unavailable to our paying customers.

Non-payers will be permanently banned not only from future live sales, but all of our platforms. Their name will also be added to a blacklist shared amongst crystal shop owners.

There is no deposit or fee to attend and watch our live sales. Please come hang out with us, no purchase necessary!

Private Shopping Experience

Private, customized shopping experiences are available by request. You let us know the materials you're interested in, and we will set up a live sale table just for you! Please note due to the labor and time involved, a minimum purchase of $250 is required. This amount is due upfront as a non-refundable deposit.

Duplicate Claims

If two or more people claim a product, the first person to appear on our screen will receive the item. Please note that most platforms will always show your comment first on your own screen. What we see on our screen may be different.

Comments Not Showing Up

Some platforms will filter comments they see as spam. If your claims aren't coming through, this could be why. Try using an emoji or write a few extra words with your claim to avoid this.

No Hate Allowed

Our lives are an inclusive and welcoming space. Be kind to others. Absolutely no hate comments, name calling, or similar statements will be allowed. It can get you instantly banned from all future live sales at our discretion.

We may ask you to change the subject if it becomes too controversial or triggering for other members. Failure to do so will result in being booted from the live sale.