Our Story

Moonlit Wilds is a unique spiritual boutique dedicated to matching you with beautiful handmade and vintage items. We are a diverse and inclusive haven for those who usually feel like they don't belong in mainstream spiritual spaces. Learn more about our mission and the team that helps us thrive below.

We believe in...

radical acceptance
that self love is an act of rebellion
embracing the mystery
interdependence, not independence

physical bodies & forms are sacred
enlightened self-interest
that everything is energy

we believe in us. in spirits, angels, gods

and we believe in YOU

Welcome Home

We've always felt like outsiders. Our identities exist against the mainstream - minority, queer, divergent. Even in spiritual spaces that preach acceptance, we'd find parts of ourselves unwelcome. The labels and boxes these communities try to put us in don't account for our inner complexities. We're left to find our own ways. Alone. 

Since we couldn't find a space where we belonged, we created one. 

Moonlit Wilds is a safe haven for those who've felt excluded from mainstream spirituality. Our shop aims to be a place where you can find beauty and insight without having to check parts of yourself at the door.

Our crystals, jewelry, and vintage gifts are imbued with energy to nurture growth and self-acceptance on your own terms. Not to label or box you in, but to affirm your wholeness just as you are - a work in progress, but complete.

So browse freely and find the pieces that sing to your soul. Let their energy kindle deep inside your heart the sacred truth - you deserve to belong. We hope that you leave our Moonlit Wild feeling safe, seen, and heard in all of your divine beauty. 

We are proudly

Owned and operated by individuals who are:

Non-binary Women

Meet the Team

Hello, I'm


Artist, gentle activist, and strong supporter of body positivity. 

Believes that openly being - and accepting- yourself are radical acts of rebellion.

Currently working on becoming a certified crystal healer.

Proud two-spirit Tsalagi native and at large citizen of the Cherokee Nation.

Hello, I'm


Instructor at an online Art Academy that teaches art fundamentals through traditional oil painting.

Believes anyone can learn to paint if they truly want to - "talent" not required!

Proudly Queer, Black, and Puerto Rican.

Got roped into crystals by Remy, and now has a brag-worthy collection of Clear Quartz

Hello, I'm


Spicy kitty that mamas rescued from animal control.

Loves humans, but hisses at all other animals. Fierce predator that must always protect mamas from everything. Loves to ride on shoulders and knows many tricks.

Hates it when mama sings and will smack her until she stops.

Favorite toy is strings on sticks, and playing "spin" with the laser!

Thank you for getting to know us

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