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A lot of the products at Moonlit Wilds are handmade by us. Learn more about our product lines and process below

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Crystal Jewelry

Our gemstone jewelry features exclusive designs, high quality beads, and extreme durability. Made to stand out. Made to last.

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We design all of our pieces in our studio, with specific intentions in mind. We select our materials based on the vibe you want to attract

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Whether you want an existing piece resized, or want us to bring your dream design to life - we've got you. Let us help you create your masterpiece

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Proudly Native American

Pieces in the Remy collection draw inspiration from indigenous ancestry, rich spirit work experiences, and the beauty of the natural world around us

Combining traditional techniques and styles with a modern twist, this collection honors both personal history and the modern at-large native experience. We're all on a journey Home

Beautifully Branded

Look for the tag with the star and name REMY. These pieces were all handcrafted and selected for our Native American made showcase

A Note from Remy

I am a proud two-spirit Tsalagi member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. I’ve been crafting spirit-based jewelry and ritual items for over 20 years, and studying crystal energy for just as long.

I bead with my heart, and infuse all of my work with love and wishes for healing. I wear and smudge with the four sacred medicines during the crafting process. I pride myself in creating durable, heirloom-quality pieces to help connect you to your spiritual path - whatever it may be.

My jewelry and spiritual art is sold exclusively through Moonlit Wilds. Wear them knowing your purchase empowers continued Native artisanship and craft.

True Originals

All pieces in Remy's collection will come with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) in a storage envelope. This includes tribal enrollment information. Hand signed and dated with the year of creation


The Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990 (IACA) strictly prohibits the sale of any item falsely suggested to be Native American made.

Our website and products are IACA compliant. Tribal enrollment information of our artists is available by request.

Please don't purchase from someone claiming to be a Native American artist if they can't back up their claim. It greatly hurts actual Native American artisans.

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