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In addition to purchasing via this website, we also sell on other platforms. Learn more about our products on each platform below

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Moonlit Wilds

Our primary shop and blog. Shop our aesthetic storefront 24/7 with a secure and easy-to-use shopping cart system. Learn the most about our mission and stories behind our products. Lowest pricing and widest selection

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Not your father's


Shop select crystals and costume jewelry on our eBay store. We also sell random pop culture, home decor, and clothing items here.

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Uncommon and statement pieces


Browse our Etsy for a limited selection of more uncommon and statement pieces. A convenient choice if you prefer Etsy's checkout system

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We're working on syncing our product catalogue with TikTok Shop to provide a seamless (and entertaining) shopping experience for you! Follow our progress with the link below

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Live Sales

See our gorgeous offerings in real time via our live sales. Live sales are currently unscheduled and sporadically done on TikTok and Whatnot. We are currently gauging interest in more regular shows. Please use the link below to tell us you're interested, and your preferred platform

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Very Limited Quantities

Facebook Group

If you're a jewelry artist, be sure to join our Facebook Group for exclusive jewelry supplies. We showcase a few on Moonlit Wilds, but many of our reclaimed and old stock beads and pendants can only be found in this group

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