Vintage Items

We're in love with vintage, and here's why

History with Heart

We believe objects absorb the energy around them.

Vintage items connect us with others. By choosing a previously loved item, you're becoming part of a beautiful chain with those who came before us.

Why choose vintage?

Rare, one of a kind, and

Uniquely YOU

Embrace your inner cottagecore, whimsigoth, dark academia, punk rockstar! Shoping vintage allows you to find pieces to express yourself outside of what's available in mainstream stores. Stand out like no other.

Built to last with

Unrivaled Quality

Vintage items have stood the test of time. Durably created and made to last. Stop falling in love with a piece only to have it fall apart on you shortly after.

Be part of the solution. Leave a

Positive Impact

92 million tons of clothing winds up in landfills every year. In America alone, we create over 100 pounds per person.

This trash often gets shipped to countries like Ghana where it ruins local economies and leeches toxins into the environment. And it's not much better in other industries.

Purchasing vintage breathes new life into items, supports local economies, and reduces landfill trash.

Where we get our vintage items

  • Auctions

    We religiously follow several local auction houses and online auction sites so we don't miss anything we know you'll love! It's extremely time consuming, but we get some of our most unique items this way

  • Estate Sales

    Every week, we check out multiple estate and yard sales for unique vintage finds. Our local companies are starting to recognize us

  • Antique Stores

    We travel to several large estate malls per year to look for rarer items for our shop. It's harder to source this way, but it does help us find our oldest pieces

  • Trade Shows

    We'll go to a few trade shows and conventions a year. While we normally can be found at gem shows, oddity and holistic health expos are also our scene

  • Networking and Personal Connections

    Most of our vintage pieces come from cultivating personal connections and contacts. Our suppliers come from all walks of life, and can be found all around the globe

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Worried about bad vibes?

Don't be! We've engaged in energy work for most of our lives. We're sensitive to the energy around us, and would never offer you an item we felt had bad vibes.

We honor your own experiences of energy by not cleansing or programming our vintage items by default. But we're happy to do a free energy cleanse by request! Just leave us a note during checkout.