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Spider Web Jasper Tumbled Crystal - Multiple Sizes

Spider Web Jasper Tumbled Crystal - Multiple Sizes

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Enhance your spiritual practices with this beautiful tumbled Spider Web Jasper crystal. Its earthy veining of grays and blacks perfectly represent its grounding presence. 

Spider Web Jasper serves as a powerful reminder that you belong here. Also called Net, Network, or Picasso Jasper. Its soothing energy roots you strongly to the Earth, grounding out negative energy and supporting mindfulness. You would not exist if the Universe did not want you here. Carry Spider Web Jasper as a talisman to remind you of that.

You’ll receive ONE crystal, intuitively chosen just for you. We hand-select each stone for its natural beauty, color, and soothing energy.

Size & Weight

Small: 1 - 1.4 inches, 12 - 25 grams
Large: 1.2 - 1.6 inches, 25 - 40 grams
Origin: United States

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