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Spiritual Protection Beaded Crystal Bracelet - Handmade REMY Collection

Spiritual Protection Beaded Crystal Bracelet - Handmade REMY Collection

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Metal Plating

Remain connected to your spirituality with this beautiful handmade bracelet. Designed with a blend of crystals associated with divinity, intuition, the Crown Chakra, and protection. It serves as a tangible reminder during your daily routine that you are a protected and sacred being.

We use dark Amethyst beads to blend smoothly into fragrant Sandalwood. Pops of bright gold punctuate the bracelet in the form of Gold Plated Lava Stone and Hematite.

This bracelet was designed with input from our local community and is currently our best-seller among all genders

Size Information

Small: Adjustable from approximately 6.75 to 8.25 inches.
Large (shown in photos): Adjustable from approximately 7.5 - 9 inches

Customization Options

Can be made in Silver Plate instead of Gold Plate

If you need a larger or smaller size adjustable bracelet, please provide desired wrist size during checkout

If you don't want an adjustable chain, please provide the desired wrist size during checkout. I will create a bracelet with just enough wiggle room for comfort

PLEASE NOTE: Different size options require slight changes in bead designs to achieve desired length & color. I'll add or remove beads in a symmetrical process so the core of the bracelet remains the same.

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