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Pyrite Nodule Natural Crystal Ball

Pyrite Nodule Natural Crystal Ball

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Enhance your spiritual practices with this beautiful Pyrite crystal. These specimens formed naturally in a ball shape, called a nodule or concretion. They're heavy for their size, and very grounding to hold! 


Size: 0.95 x 0.9 x 0.8
Weight: 24 g
Origin: Unknown; purchased from old stock collection


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Specimens are best for:

Appreciating the natural beauty of the Earth
Least physically altered option
Crystal grid layouts
Display and decor
Most one of a kind option

Important information

Crystals are a natural creation of our Earth. They are a precious, non-renewable resource.

Our tumbled crystals are created by skilled artisans. They bear the marks of human handiwork and tools. We've chosen to honor these facts by not discarding crystals just because they aren't perfect.

Their natural flaws and blemishes are what makes them unique, and connects us all to each other. Your crystal may have natural caves, cracks, and uneven polish